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Cotswold Flagstone Range

Cotswold Flagstone Range

The Creative Stone Cotswold Flagstone Texture

The Cotswold Flagstone Range has a riven surface texture and straight edges, giving it a look similar to that of natural sandstone. This range is designed for both indoor and outdoor application and is particularly appropriate for classical and country architectural styles. This versatile range can be used for patios, pools, fire pits, entertainment area, landscaping and driveways. With a wide range of matching bullnoses available, the edges of patios, stairs and pools can be beautifully finished.



Flagstone 225 x 225 25/40
Flagstone 225 x 450 25/40
Flagstone 300 x 300 25/40
Flagstone 300 x 450 25/40
Flagstone 300 x 600 25/40
Flagstone 450 x 450 25/40
Flagstone 450 x 600 40
Flagstone 600 x 600 40

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