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Make the Most of your Landscape this World Earth Day

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Every year on 22 April, we celebrate World Earth Day, an annual event that demonstrates support for environmental protection.
Make the Most of your Landscape this World Earth Day


There are so many festivals, holidays, and occasions that are globally recognised. And often, they shine a spotlight on some pretty important topics. Every year on 22 April, we celebrate World Earth Day, an annual event that demonstrates support for environmental protection.


Having started way back in 1970, it now includes a wide range of initiatives, events, fundraisers, and support groups, all with a common goal of restoring our Earth to its natural form.


While it’s no secret the positive impact this will have on our future, what we can start doing today, is embracing the great outdoors. The best place to start? Your backyard, of course!


Here are a few ways to utilise your existing landscape this World Earth Day.


Garden Bed


A big eco-friendly movement nowadays is the concept of companion gardening. This comes down to placing certain plants together that encourage growth and vitality. A great way to elevate the look of your garden beds would be to look at bordering them with some form of edging. Whether you prefer your edging to have a subtle or a more detailed look, we have wide range of landscape accessories to suit your needs.


Outdoor Firepit


One of the best ways to improve your landscape while embracing the natural beauty of the outdoors is with a sturdy firepit. What’s more, you can opt for wood alternatives with environmental advantages. Some of these include recycled sawdust, bamboo, soy grass, cardboard, and hemp. Our Wood Wave Flagstone Range is another, not for burning, but to create a natural timber look to surround your pit, without the maintenance of real wood.


Eco-Friendly Pool


A pool can add value to your home but can also better your outdoor experience. There are also several ways that you can be eco-conscious about it. Steering away from chlorine and opting for a chemical-free alternative is one such example. As is a solar heater that absorbs heat from the sun to warm your pool water and conserve energy. Using a pool cover is another way to seal in the heat and conserve water as it prevents evaporation. Our Bullnose Ranges are then ideal for the edge of your pool thanks to their subtle surface texture and gently rounded edges.


Garden Pathway


Nothing adds mystery and intrigue to an outdoor space quite like a beautifully placed garden path. Surround it with eco-friendly plants that you can maintain organically and up light feature plants with solar lights to eliminate any electricity use. Our Flamed Granite Flagstone Range is great for creating garden pathways and are available in various sizes ranging from 220mmx220mm to a jaw dropping 600mmx1200mm. Consider leaving spaces between the pavers for the planting of ground cover or mondo grass to soften the pathway and give your backyard its charm.


Paved Garden Patio


A garden patio is a great addition for those looking for an outdoor area to relax and entertain. While building one often requires you to pave over your lawn, the environmental benefit is that you save the water you would’ve used to maintain your grass. Our Flagstones and matching Bullnose Ranges are hard wearing and ideally suited for patio floors.  Consider taking your garden patio to the next level by building a pergola structure above with cladded columns to support. Add some solar fairy lights, eco-friendly furniture and you will a magical place from which to entertain.


So, if you ever needed an excuse to update your outdoor area, World Earth Day is it! Chat to a professional to determine which additions would best suit your garden, and ways to ensure whatever you choose is as eco-friendly as possible.


Let’s do our part to keep the beauty of the earth secure.



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