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We’re Floored by These 2021 Trend

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When you enter a room, what do you pay attention to first? Colour schemes, décor items, furniture, the cohesiveness of the space? How much attention do you pay to the floor?

The pavers you choose for your driveway is a critical choice – it should add to the aesthetic of your home, complement the overall landscape, and withstand daily traffic.

While there are a lot of ways to have fun with it when it comes to colour, texture, and design – it’s important to select pavers that also stands the test of time.

The wrong material or poor condition of the floor can throw off the overall aesthetic of the space; done right it can transform a home and make it feel complete. Flooring for so long has been the unsung hero of design.

That is, until recently. More and more homeowners are recognising the importance of flooring and are dedicating time and effort to getting it right. And with so many materials, styles, shapes and textures to consider – you’re bound to find the perfect fit.


Here are a few flooring trends making their mark in 2021.


A popular choice for driveways, patios and entertainment areas – flagstones are increasing in popularity thanks to their versatility. One of its greatest appeals is that it offers a beautifully natural look and feel that’ll lasts. Combine randomly or uniformly to create unique patterns, and elevate any area of your home. Matching bullnoses allow the edges of pools, stairs, patios and wall to be beautifully detailed.


Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, cladding is especially appealing to those looking to add a textural element and layer to any space or feature wall. Available in a variety of styles and colors they perfectly compliment the overall look & feel of any home and offer additional benefits of insulation against noise and helping to maintain a consistent temperature.



One of the best ways to elevate a space and give it some personality is through flooring with uniquely patterned surface texture. Products like our Classic Circular Features are being used to surround and cap off fire pits, herb gardens and water features. Cobbles with their wide range of varying sizes, shapes and textures are being used to pave the driveways of homes ranging from ultra-modern to old world chateaux inspired. While flagstone pavers have the ability to turn an ordinary entrance, patio, or pool into something truly special.



Choosing flooring with a wood-like appearance for a natural, earthy look and feel. This year we’re seeing a shift away from darker color schemes to lighter and more natural appearances which truly open up the space. Opt for flagstones that incorporate the look of ‘hand-crafted wood grains’ for a timber look without the maintenance.


Grey has always been one of the more popular neutral tones and will enjoy a resurgence in 2021. This versatile color, complements other design elements, provides the perfect backdrop for other colors to ‘pop’ and is as sophisticated as it is tranquil. Great for bathrooms and kitchens, we’re now seeing grey being incorporated into children’s bedrooms too.

So, if your December ‘staycation’ has you feeling the need for change, consider starting with your floors.

Photo Credit: Dave Miller

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