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Trendy vs Timeless Outdoor Areas: How to Strike a Perfect Balance

Outdoor areas have become as functional (and stylish) as the interior of homes in that you can use them to eat, work, play and more. In the last two-odd years, they’ve also quickly become a haven to escape the world while still connecting with nature.



So, with a fair amount of pressure on these outdoor spaces to deliver, where does one start with the design? Combining styles seems to be where it’s at with many looking to achieve a trendy look and feel that’ll stand the test of time.

There are two ways trends can be a part of your home:

Décor trends

Incorporating trends through décor is a satisfying way to express your style, yet they can easily be stripped away or painted over to start fresh with a new look for yourself or a new homeowner. Long live the decor!

Architectural trends

Utilizing architectural trends in your home (for example, arched doorways, tiled flooring, or black-framed windows) may improve your home’s value – provided you sell while that trend is hot. These structural trends are more difficult to remove and may date your home, requiring remodelling to keep your home in line with the times.

Whether you’re remodelling or building an entirely new home, it’s crucial to strike a balance between timeless and trendy.

Let’s unpack!

Trendy Design Style

A trendy design style typically refers to something that’s popular at the time. Think of it as a fad that takes over your social feed until the next best thing arrives. There are, however, ways to ensure the longevity of this type of design. For starters, stay true to your personal style while tying in some classic elements and finishes that promote ageless beauty.

Timeless Design Style

At the opposite end of the scale are timeless designs that include features unaffected by time or new and emerging styles. This approach is normally clean, simple, yet extremely sophisticated. Strike the perfect balance between trendy and timeless and you’ve hit the exterior design jackpot!

So, what’s the best way to combine these two equally appealing designs to create the outdoor area of your dreams? Let’s find out!


Entryways are as much a part of your outdoor space as patio and pool areas and so deserve as much attention. Especially since it’s the first thing you or guests see upon arrival. Trendy chandeliers, pot plants, welcome mats, and porch chairs will showcase your style and what’s popular at the time. A neutral colour scheme, pavers and flooring, and your driveway design will be what ensures a timeless appeal.


The patio area is probably the easiest spot to combine trendy and timeless design styles. The tables and chairs you choose, for example, can perfectly encapsulate your preferred style and what’s hot right now but without being a permanent fixture. The same applies to accessories like outdoor cushions, candles, lanterns, hanging plants, and lighting choices. The pavers and textures you choose, however, will determine the longevity of the overall space. Stick to classic architectural styles like our Cotswold or Flamed Granite Flagstone Ranges to get this right.


Those fortunate enough to have an outdoor space or garden will know how much potential there is for creativity. Trendy pieces can come through in your choice of lighting, plants, and decorative elements. Timeless features are more permanent. Here, you could focus your attention on pavers for surrounding flowerbeds, pools, and creating pathways. Water features and fire pits are two more examples of how to ensure timeless appeal.

DIY Projects

Those of you with an already established outdoor area might feel like it’s impossible to switch things up to include both trendy and timeless design elements. But It’s easier than you think! If your foundation is already established consider re-painting walls to better suit your style, adding focal points like interesting artwork or decorative structures, and playing around with plants and flowers to add pops of colour throughout the space.

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