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Top Trends to Watch in 2021

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If nothing else, 2020 encouraged us to think outside the ‘box’ we became confined to.

Gardens have become our sanctuary, our escape for some ‘me time’, our favourite exercise spot and entertainment space. We’ve started implementing more colours in an effort to brighten a seemingly dull world, and unleashed our creativity by introducing unique garden features.

The result? A new wave of landscape trends begging to be implemented in 2021.

Trends 2021

Here are a few of our favourites.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Extending your living space not only gives you more personal space and room to move around, its also benefits your health and wellbeing. Especially important as many of us are spending more time at home. The increased natural light not only brightens up your home it adds to your property’s value too.

Garden Edging

One way to add a truly luxurious look and feel to your garden is with edging. Use it to create a defined edge between your flower beds and the lawn or to hold back soil for a neat & tidy finish. Edging is also a great for distinguishing pathways and allows you to get creative with shapes and patterns for a truly unique garden.

Building Bridges

There is something special about the feeling you get from walking over water. Whether you use large stepping stone, create a solid pathway or introduce a bridge to cross over, the sense of tranquillity and peacefulness is sure to accompany you on the journey to the front door or to that secret garden.

Garden Accessories 

Speaking of decorating, accessories like plinths and window and door surrounds are a great way to finish off and detail cladded walls, trellises or to frame a feature pot or a sculpture. Our designers have used them to even frame garden mirrors which can be used to great effect to create a sense of space in smaller gardens.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting creates better visibility in your garden and can often improve the safety of your property, but they’re equally as effective for enhancing your overall landscape. We’ve seen them in the form of pendant lights, lanterns and fairy lights hanging from garden structures. As of late, however, homeowners are starting to implement light switches, plug points and lamp mounting finishes into their garden to truly illuminate their outdoor space.

Fire Pits

Traditionally used in winter to break the chill, fire pits are now being utilised all-year-round and have become a focal point in many gardens. They’re guaranteed to add warmth and visual appeal to your outdoor area and can be used as a cooking tool, too.

Water Features

On the opposite side of the elements is water. Moving water simulates almost all the senses, promotes relaxation and brings a sense of calmness to our often frantic lives. Water features can be purchased as complete off the shelf units or constructed for your unique spaces requirements. Whether your property is large or small, there is sure to be that perfect place to include a water feature.

One of the greatest benefits of these design trends is that they aren’t season dependent. And, they are work well together or on their own. Decide on what area you’d like to develop first, then make sure you get in touch with an expert who can help you realise your dream garden.

Photo Credit: The Friendly Plant

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