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The Creative Stone Company prides itself on a long legacy of producing high quality, highly engineered simulated stone, paving, tiling, cobbles and cladding. Attention to detail is evident throughout, from corner stones on all the Inca Cladding ranges to a variety of bullnose / coping details and accessories that complement every range of paving products. Every house / building / commercial project is a unique compilation of our design synergy and our application of products, in both texture and colour. We pride ourselves in our passion for consulting and our passion for product development, hence our slogan “Creating Beautiful Spaces”.

The owners of The Creative Stone Company have travelled extensively throughout Africa and internationally to study traditional stone masonry as well as global trends and influences throughout the world. They bring to South Africa their passion for product development, dedication and their absolute commitment to detail and an unfolding palette of product textures and colours to complement a multitude of applications.



We pride ourselves on quality and consistency. We utilize only the best quality sand, cement and imported oxides. All our products are made with embodied colour throughout. There is no surface pigmentation on any of our products. Our moulds are complex and our masters exceptionally precise. Our Research and Development Department has state of the art engineering equipment and C & C machinery.


Colour Variation

Creative Stone products are designed to simulate stone and are manufactured using oxides, naturally occurring aggregates and sand, therefore minor variations between and within batches do occur, this gives a more natural effect to reflect the nuances of natural stone. We recommend that when purchasing, especially in the case of larger orders, products are thoroughly mixed on site prior to laying to assists in good colour distribution. Colours can also appear to change significantly depending upon the prevailing conditions such as sunlight, shade, rain, method of installation and sealing.

The colours depicted in our brochure are as accurate as modern photographic and printing processes allow. We therefore recommend that colours are judged from actual samples.



While every attempt has been made to provide accurate dimensions as guidelines, there may be a slight variation in thickness, which can be accommodated by the mortar base. All sizes, dimensions and weights shown herein are subject to manufacturing tolerances.


Creative Stone does provide clients with a complimentary design consultation, including CAD drawings where necessary. However, such drawings and accompanying quantities are to be regarded as guidelines only, as final site conditions may vary, as do installer’s use of the off-cut allowances. Creative Stone can therefore not be held responsible should more or less stones be
required due to changes on site or varying applications of off-cut allowances. Clients will therefore be charged for additional product required, over and above estimated requirements.

Storage and Handling

All products should be handled carefully to avoid damaging the edges or surface texture of the product. In the event of rain, products should be covered to avoid streaking damage caused by acidic rain. Creative Stone will not be held responsible for damages caused to products due to incorrect storage or handling thereof once they have been delivered to site.

Installation and sealing

of products

As a manufacturing company, Creative Stone does not attend to the installation and sealing of products. We recommend the use of only experienced and professional installation companies.

Creative Stone strongly recommends the sealing of all products. This reduces the potential for staining as our products are porous and spillage may result in unsightly marks. Sealing can also increases the lifespan of the products as well as aiding in colour retention. We recommend a variety of sealants depending on the finish required. All of these are available for purchase at our showroom. We recommend the use of only experienced and professional sealing companies.

Creative Stone does not employ external contractors for purposes of installing or sealing our products. The engagement of such third party installers or sealers by a client is at the client’s own risk. Creative Stone will not be held responsible for the installation and/or sealing processes, procedures or any damages caused to the products or client’s premises or person during installation and sealing thereof.

Salt Water

Chlorinated Pools

We advocate heavy sealing of bullnose / coping stones in addition to sealing of the pool surround to minimize the aggressive eroding of salt chlorination. Particularly in this environment products should be re-sealed every 6 months and the ph. levels of salt water pools carefully monitored.

Maintenance / Cleaning

Regular maintenance is required to keep the overall appearance of the product in pristine condition. We recommend thoroughly wetting the paved area with lukewarm soapy water (diluted Sunlight liquid solution) then brushing off with a soft bristle broom. We do not recommend high pressure washers and chemical cleaners, for example, Mortar Lift, Conclean or acid wash in any form. Creative Stone takes no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of high pressure washers and chemical cleaners.


Simulated stone products weather in a similar way to natural stone, therefore the effect of the elements and the site conditions may cause some of the following:

  •  Colour change, depending on the degree of exposure.
  •  Natural weathering and wear over time in a similar way to natural stone.
  •  Blowholes (also called Bugholes) are a common occurrence in cement based products and are unavoidable. Although Creative Stone strives to create the best quality products in both strength and aesthetics, these blowholes may occur in some of our product. An accepted size and concentration of blowholes has therefore been set out as follows:
    •  A maximum size blowhole of 3mm in diameter; and
    •  No more the 30 blow holes per m2 of product, is deemed acceptable.


Creative Stone cannot be held responsible for this naturally occurring phenomenon, which is characteristic of quality concrete products containing a high cement content. Concrete products may exhibit an apparent dullness of colour and efflorescence may emit in the form of a chalky residue or stain on the face of the product after installation. The effect generally disperses with
the combination of the natural weathering process and the passage of time and is in no way detrimental to the performance of the material.


Whilst every effort has been made to give sound advice, Creative Stone takes no responsibility for any loss, damage or injury sustained in following it. Neither can Creative Stone accept any liability in respect of products being used for any purpose other than those for which they were intended by the manufacturer.


All quotations are for the supply of stone products only and exclude installation and sealing of a product. A 50% deposit and signed copy of the quotation is required in order to proceed to production. Balance of payment is required prior to delivery of the order.

Quotations are valid for 30 days from date of quotation.



Our stock levels and lead times are continually changing as orders are placed. Production completion dates on orders are given within 3 workings days of an order being placed, however, production completion dates may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

A concrete curing time of no less than 5 days from date of casting is required prior to products been released for delivery or collection. Weather conditions can affect the curing process and therefore can affect the curing time.

Deliveries &


Creative Stone’s Orders Department confirm delivery of all orders prior to deliveries taking place. All orders placed will not be stored for more than 30 days. Delivery or collection of orders is required to take place within 30 days of the order being placed, failing which the order will be placed back into stock available for sale.

When delivering, vehicles enter the client’s property at the risk of the client. Creative Stone accepts no responsibility or liability for damages caused to persons or property. Offloading of product will only be done within a 3m radius of the delivery vehicle. Should the delivery vehicle be unable to enter the property, the order will be offloaded on the pavement or the closest suitable location within a 3m radius of the delivery vehicle.

Product must be inspected by the client or authorized persons upon delivery and all discrepancies must be reported immediately. No discrepancies in quantity or quality of product delivered will be entertained should the inspection of product not take place and not be reported immediately.

Collection of orders from Creative Stone premises are done so at the client’s risk and Creative Stone accepts no responsibility or liability for damages caused to persons or property.



Product is made to order and under no circumstances may goods be returned.



We work only with high quality strategic partnerships, established over many years and we pride ourselves on our relationships with them.

  • Sephaku Cement Pty Ltd
  • Drift Supersand Pty Ltd
  • Lanxess
  • Cathay Industries
  • Chryso Pty Ltd
  • Sika Pty Ltd



Size: All sizes and measurements shown herein are approximate.
Colour: All products are embodied
Compressive Strength: Minimum 45 Mpa

Average (Days) Average Minimum Strength (Mpa)
1 12
7 35
28 45

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