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Summer Holidays by the Pool with Creative Stone

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Summer Holidays by the Pool with Creative Stone
Summer Holidays by the Pool with Creative Stone

While plans for the holiday season may vary among us, one thing we can all agree on is that summer is synonymous with time spent by and in the pool. There’s just no feeling quite like sunny days spent lazing, splashing, or swimming in the water.

Where once, beach or international trips were likely on the cards for December, are now factors often out of our control, that are keeping us at home. Yet, it’s to the delight of many as it poses the perfect opportunity to spruce up your outdoor space ahead of your staycation.

We’ve got a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Open-Concept Outdoor Spaces

The benefits of open-concept outdoor spaces are endless. One worth mentioning is the opportunity to entertain without separating guests. Ample seating is the key to getting this right, as are the pavers you choose. Why? Selecting pavers that work for both indoor and outdoor applications ensure consistency.

Our Cotswold Flagstone Range offers just that and mimics the look of natural sandstone allowing it to complement all surroundings

Swimming Pool Come Water Feature

Who says you can’t turn your swimming pool into an extravagant water feature? Combining the two is one of the easiest ways to enhance the overall aesthetic of your backyard. What’s more, it enables guests to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors as much as those taking a dip.

Consider our Antique Chateaux Flagstones to add to the look as they’re available in varying sizes and are so, ideal for surrounding swimming pools.

Detailed Home Exteriors

While your focus should be on your swimming pool this summer – the exterior of your home deserves as much attention. External wall cladding adds distinctive character to any home or building and can elevate the artfulness of an outdoor area.

Our Ledgestone Range offers a refined, lightly textured look ideal for a poolside set-up. Combine with our Cotswold Flagstones and Bullnoses for an all-around natural aesthetic.

Designing a Garden Pool Area

A beautifully kept garden is the perfect swimming pool companion. Dwellers and guests can enjoy the great outdoors while enjoying time in the water, while lush plants and flowers will attract winged visitors and other wildlife. Consider transforming the corner of your garden into the perfect relaxation and entertainment station by adding ample seating and a cosy fire pit.

Get the look using our Fieldstone Cladding, Cotswold Flagstones, and Bullnoses.

Enhancing the Overall Design 

Create an outdoor area that offers luxe minimalism by incorporating features that accentuate the modernity of your home. Modern spaces call for intimacy as much as they do admiration, so striking the balance between beauty and practicality is key. Our Flamed Granite Flagstones with their flamed surface texture and sharply finished edges are ideally suited to more modern architectural styles.

Complete the look using our Interior Strip Cladding. This range can be used to accentuate areas such as swimming pool walls and fireplaces, giving them a modern and sophisticated aesthetic.

With so much inspiration to work with, it’ll be hard to pinpoint which design will best suit your home. That’s where the experts come in. Seek advice from expert landscapers for feasible ideas and turn to the Creative Stone team for advice on pavers and cladding.

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