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Pool Inspiration

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In South Africa, we are blessed with a climate that allows us to spend most of the year enjoying nature and all her beauty. During the warmer months, outdoor living is an absolute must, a quintessential aspect of the South African lifestyle.

Pool Inspirations from around South Africa

Some of us are lucky enough to have homes decked with large backyards and opulent swimming pools, while others have limited space with splash and plunge pools. Whatever option your garden or outdoor area allows for, getting the design right is ultimately the most important thing.


The shape and design of your pool should complement your home’s architectural style. Roman architecture homes, for example, should consider adopting the same theme for their pool. Others who have gone for a more modern feel should consider a rectangular approach or a multi-sided swimming pool that highlights lines, curves, and angles.


While it can be overwhelming to think about designing a pool – they are so worth it!


We’ve put together 5 of the most popular pool shapes for South African homes. We also share tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the years from doing many pool projects and show you how a simple design can create the most beautiful space!



The biggest benefit of a rectangular pool is the sense of space that it creates. The straight lines suggest depth and length, ideal for those looking to do laps, and with so much room to play, the whole family can enjoy a day in the water. We love how our Antique Chateaux Flagstones with matching Bullnoses can turn an ordinary rectangular pool into a statement piece thanks to their old-world texture and rich, earthy tones.



Round pools are ideal for those looking to create a more intimate swimming pool area where friends and family can relax and spend time together. While sizes may vary, smaller ones become perfect splash pools for those who don’t want to take up too much of their outdoor space. Our Cotswold Bullnoses include a soft, rounded profile that beautifully finishes off the edges of pools. Got a patio and/or staircase nearby? They’re great for those too!



If timeless beauty is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with a Roman-shaped pool. They’re a popular choice for properties with a patio that leads to the pool area but are equally as charming on their own surrounded by lush, green grass. Either way, our Cotswold Flagstone Range with matching Bullnoses perfectly complement classic architectural styles. This, thanks to their riven surface texture and straight edges that mimic the look of natural sandstone.



Also known as geometric pools, multi-sided pools often become the focal point of an outdoor area. They can fit any creative vision — and any outdoor space. With endless variations of lines, angles, and area, these pools can squeeze beautifully into a tight space or look like a work of art on a large, open canvas. We suggest our Flamed Granite Flagstones for this construct as they’re designed with a more squared finish that perfectly complements this kind of design.



Above-ground or raised swimming pools are gaining popularity and can give your outdoor entertainment area a more unique look. These pools can also double as a stylish water feature; therefore, the aesthetic benefits are plentiful. This kind of pool leaves room for you to incorporate modern staircases, planter boxes, built-in seating and/or accessories like lanterns and outdoor cushions, that will truly transform the overall look. Our Flamed Granite Flagstones with matching Bullnoses also work well for this design because they are available in various sizes/configurations and add that necessary character that effortlessly completes this type of style.


Before choosing the shape of your pool, it’s important to consider a few things: Available space, lay of the land, budget, meeting safety codes, your home’s architectural style, sun exposure and how you intend to use your pool.


Once you’ve bedded those things downturn to the experts who can advise you on the best pavers to use to achieve the pool of your dreams.

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