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Simulated Stone

Simulated stone is a highly engineered man-made product that is suitable for various applications, such as driveway, pool, and patio’s etc…

Simulated stone is a highly engineered man-made product that is suitable for various applications, such as driveway, pool, and patio’s etc…

As a homeowner there may come a time when you are looking to upgrade your home aesthetic, with the aim of elevating your space and creating a certain look, whether it be classical, contemporary, modern or rustic.

Traditionally, natural, organic stone was the only available option for these types of installations. Now, those looking for another option that is more cost-effective, requires less maintenance, and is just as durable, there is simulated stone.

Simulated stone, also known as manufactured stone, has become a popular product for the finishing of many home areas such as pools, driveways, feature walls, and patios. The popularity is largely due to the cost and extensive range that is available, as well as the versatility of the material.

What is simulated stone?

Simulated stone is a highly engineered product that can be used as an alternative option to natural stone. These stones are considered designer and come in a variety of options, colours, textures, and shapes, giving you more control over executing the image you have in mind.

The manufacturing process of simulated stone products can vary between manufacturer and the intended purpose of the product. However, their composition is generally made up of aggregate, cement, pigmentations, and additives.

The materials and process of producing this product offers a more sustainable solution as well. These products are seen to be less harmful to the environment, as they do not deplete scarce, natural resources. With the world moving toward a more eco-conscious mindset, these considerations are of hot topic, with people being more inclined to purchase products that take the environment into consideration.

Why use simulated stone?

Due to advancements in technology, manufactured stone offers a realistic aesthetic, which allows you to embrace the man-made appearance in such a way that it looks natural. Decorating your home with simulated stone offers the perfect balance of combining the old with the new.

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The colour consistency of simulated stone has proven to be greater than natural stone due to the use of colour pigments within the manufacturing process. Natural stone does not afford you the option of choosing the exact colour you want. With natural stone, colour may be inconsistent and may not always be exactly what you are looking for or expect – it is possible that the natural stone sample received, will not be exactly the same as the product delivered.

The colour, shapes, and texture options of simulated stone let you take on the role of designer. While both options can dramatically transform your space, tailor-making and bringing your own personal vision to life free of any surprises can be a much more satisfying process.

Paving the way with Creative Stone

At Creative Stone, we offer durable, high-quality simulated stone products that require minimal maintenance thanks to the hard-waring nature of our product. Our ranges include flagstones, bullnoses, cobbles, and cladding which all come in a variety of colours, textures, shapes, and sizes, making it easy for us to bring your dream space to life. With our product being manufactured, cost and availability are not limited!

Image 3 for | The Creative StoneCraft your stone and elevate your space with a natural elegance and fabulous faux stone to simply transform your envisioned dream!

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