Terrace Perfection

Interior designers often refer to layering when it comes to creating a beautiful space. The same principle has been applied to this stunning project. Situated in the rolling hills near Lanseria Airport, Blair Athol Estate is home to some beautiful properties and this masterpiece is no exception.

Our involvement in this project started back in 2015 with the talented team from Dave Miller Designs, with the bulk of the working taking place in that year. Every so often since then, a little addition here and there has taken place. So often once you have completed one area of a property it often highlights the need to spruce up another.

This enormous garden has been cleverly divided into spaces, with junction points and level changes leading you between the different areas. Each space has been beautifully designed and carefully thought out and finished. A wide variety of our product ranges have been used throughout this project but importantly the ranges have been carefully considered and all work together seamlessly.

Our Classic Cobble pavers and Rope Garden Edging have been used for detailing of flower beds and lawn edges. The tops of the numerous planter boxes were finished with our Cotswold Bullnoses, while the matching flagstone were used for pathways. Our Classic Flagstone Range has been used to great effect as bases for wrought iron gazebos and other focal planting features. Large floating Manor & Flamed Granite Range stepping stones were set spaced apart in the lawn to allow easy access, whilst also creating eye catching features. All products were cast in our Heritage colour to contrast with the various shades of the lush green planting.

As with all formal garden design, the devil is in the detail and so too are the quality of the plants and the maintenance thereof. Beautifully trimmed hedges, topiaries, stunning cycads, indigenous trees with splashes of white flowering plants give this garden that wow factor. Numerous feature plants and hard landscaping elements have been used to great effect and will keep your eyes entertained for hours.

The inside scoop:
Combining different products together in a space can be a tricky affair. Careful thought needs to be given to the various products being used and how best to combine them. Texture, colour, sizes, aesthetics and the surfaces on which the product will appear are all important to consider. The use of a mood board with actual product samples can be a great way of making sure the various product complement one another.

Please note: Since the completion of this project, Dave Miller Designs has taken a hiatus.

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