Bryanston Renovation Masterpiece

Often, a seamless collaboration between client and contractor results in a masterpiece and this breath-taking home in Bryanston is a true testament to this. This magnificent project, and its owners, was an absolute dream to work on, and with.

At the initial site meeting between the clients, Dave Miller Designs & Creative Stone we all knew that this project would be extraordinary. When we are involved in a project we try to obtain as much design & product information from the clients as possible in order to better understand how we are going to bring their dreams to life.

What followed our discussion and sharing of ideas was 3 hours of detailed hand sketching and measuring of the entire property, which allowed us to recreate an exact footprint of the house on the stand in CAD.

The joy of CAD is that it allows our designers a platform on which to explore their design ideas and design we did!

Every retaining wall, planter box, water feature and seating area were carefully thought out. We pride ourselves on the level of detail that go into our design drawings as they afford our clients the opportunity to visualise the spaces prior to construction and installation.

Our product ranges of choice for this project were our Cotswold Flagstone & Bullnose, Classic Cobble Paving and Ledgestone Cladding. The riven texture of both the Cotswold flagstones and Classic cladding work perfectly together; as do the bullnose finishes and our Formal Plinth details which frame our Ledgestone cladding. Dave Miller Designs are experts when it comes to formal gardens and this is where their obsession with detail gets to be indulged. From the carefully planned planting design and stunning plant selection to the beautiful wrought iron trellising and ornamental structures the final result is nothing less than spectacular.

It is always beneficial when clients have impeccable taste in interior design and décor, so you are wowed on both the inside and the outside of this stunning home. M & D we loved working with you and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to bring your dream space to life.

The inside scoop:
When it comes to designing outdoor spaces there are always challenges. Whether it be space, time or budget, the ultimate end result can be compromised. We love a challenge – it makes us think out of the box and gets our creative juices flowing!

Please note: Since the completion of this project, Dave Miller Designs has taken a hiatus.

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