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Design the Perfect Secret Garden with Creative Stone

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Creating a secret space for your own enjoyment
Design the Perfect Secret Garden with Creative Stone


April seems to be the perfect occasion to celebrate Mother Nature, with World Earth Day  on the 22nd and the beauty of the changing seasons. As we enjoy the last bit of warm weather before winter arrives, it is also the ideal time to spruce up your garden. While exotic plants and plush lawns contribute to a beautiful landscape, so do backyard additions that encourage time outside.

Even better, is a garden that reveals itself only to those worthy of its beauty. We’re talking about creating a secret space for your own enjoyment, that include subtle extras that add elements of character and charm to your outdoor living space.

Looking for a few ideas to get you started? You’ve come to the right place!

Garden Nook

Imagine a sheltered hideaway for you to sit and enjoy a drink and/or a good book. A garden nook that’s strategically placed in and among trees and plants, or tucked away in the corner of your backyard, is a great addition for those seeking privacy. For a quaint old world look, consider our Chateau Flagstone Range with its gently worn edges and subtle surface indentations. Looking for a more modern alternative, look no further than our Flamed Granite Flagstone Range where sharply finished edges and flamed surface texture are the order of the day. Whichever flagstone range you choose, remember that most ranges come with matching Bullnose Ranges, allowing the edges of the paved space to be beautifully detailed.

Water Feature

If relaxation and de-stressing are your top priorities, the soothing sights and sounds of a water feature are sure to get you there. They can also attract birds and other wildlife that’s sure to set your garden apart from all others. While some choose to position water features front and centre, another option is to place them in an area that will surprise wandering guests. Our Fieldstone Cladding includes stones that vary in shape and texture promising visual appeal and stability to any bricked structure. Don’t forget to add that finishing touch to the top of your water feature with a complementing Bullnose Range Paver.

Nature Path

A beautifully laid pathway with twists and turns that encourage exploration is a simple yet effective outdoor addition. Incorporating one in your garden will also help to highlight natural surroundings like tall trees and colourful flowerbeds. While several pavers will do the trick, our Castellana Cobble Range would be a great and unique pick, as it offers a beautifully layered look that both welcomes foot traffic and adds aesthetic appeal.

Plant Hub

While your garden is no doubt home to an array of beautiful flowers and plants, why not consider isolating them to create focal points throughout? Pops of colour and varying heights will add character to your landscape and a sense of intrigue that will entice guests to explore further. Our Manor Edging is ideal for achieving this and is designed with luxury in mind. It combines long, straight sections with inner and outer corner pieces for a luxurious look and feel.


Creating interest and secret spots in your garden doesn’t require a complete overhaul.

Instead, it’s about creatively adding to your existing landscape, using the natural beauty of the outdoors as your backdrop. As with any home makeover project, chat to a professional about layout and design, and a trusted supplier who can advise on the best building materials to use.

Image Credit: Designer Roots 

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