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Enhance Smaller Outdoor Spaces with Interesting Pavers

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Smaller spaces leave as much room for creativity

Adding interest to smaller outdoor spaces

If we’ve learnt anything over the years, it’s that smaller spaces leave as much room for creativity as larger, more spacious properties. In fact, those with limited room to play are often met with even more opportunities to make a statement; this is especially true for those outdoor areas that need some sprucing up. With the right designs and pavers that add colour and texture, you have all that’s needed to transform any space into something truly unique and ethereal.

If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few ideas that are sure to inspire you. The best part is that you can pick and choose exactly what it is you want or play with variations to bring your desired vision to life.

1. Create a Pathway

Not only does a pathway create the perfect foundation for foot traffic, but it also divides your landscape in such a way that suggests added space. Have fun creating interesting twists and turns, patterns and textures that’ll set your pathway apart from others.  Our Classic Herringbone Cobbles achieve just that with its slim design and distinctive surface texture, this range is ideally suited for establishing that charming garden pathway you so desire.

2. Transform your Patio

Placing large pavers in a small space creates the illusion of a much bigger area and extending the pavers right to the edges of your landscape, is easily achievable. Choose lighter, more natural colours, as opposed to darker shades, to further enhance your patio. Our Flame Granite Flagstone Range, with its subtle flamed surface texture and sharply finished edges is ideally suited for this purpose. Don’t forget to consider vertical surfaces such as recessed walls and fireplaces, as they can be potential focal points when draped in beautifully textured cladding.

3. Install a Fire Pit

Instead of trying to find ways to extend a small outdoor space, why not enhance it in a way that celebrates its size?

One way to do this is with an expertly crafted fire pit. If a warm, comfortable atmosphere is what you’re after, then this installation, in a smaller area is the perfect answer. When selecting pavers for your imagined fire pit, you’ll want a range that’s as durable as it is stylish. Our Cotswold Flagstone Range with matching Bullnoses ticks both these boxes and is the perfect way to enhance and build on what you already have.

4. Incorporate Garden Edging

You’d be surprised at the impact that such a simple addition can have on your outdoor space.

Garden edging adds a decorative touch to even the smallest of spaces and creates an often-necessary barrier between the luscious greens of your lawn and carefully planted flowerbeds. Many also opt for this kind of landscaping application to further define the different areas and eliminate any existing outdoor clutter.

5. Introduce Final Touches

No matter the size of your property or outdoor area, with the right accessories, you can transform any space into an eye-catching sanctuary, by introducing seating in the form of a small table and chairs, wooden stools, or size-appropriate couches. Choose big, bright, and bold scatter cushions, blankets and/or throws for added comfort to incorporate pops of colour. Lastly, get creative with lighting by placing and igniting candles and lanterns to illuminate your outdoor space.

Smaller spaces are often a blessing rather than a curse. It really comes down to your chosen design, paver selection, and the finishing touches that tie it all together. While it’s tempting to immediately embark on a new adventure to revamp your outdoor area, it is always best to speak to an expert in the industry, as they will be able to advise you on the best way forward.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Transform your outdoor space today with the help of Creative Stone and create the refined feel you so desire.

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