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Highlight Your Pavers with Pops of Colour

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If nothing else, 2020 encouraged us to think outside the ‘box’ we became confined to.

The arrival of spring is the excuse we all need to spend more time outdoors. There’s nothing like seeing the growth of leaves appearing on trees and being met with different colours that not only evoke emotions of bliss but that transmit energy and personality too.

Pops of colour with pavers

When we think about spring garden design ideas, we think of lively and impressive flowers, vivid in colour. We also think of the landscaping that surrounds our garden to improve the overall mood and gives our garden a pleasant background that makes our flowers pop.


Whether you’re lucky enough to have a big backyard with room for creativity or a studio apartment with a balcony that needs some sprucing up – colour can completely transform and energize a space. And garden pavers are the perfect place to start.


Nowadays we’re spoilt for choice with pavers that are as functional as they are trendy. In fact, many have started incorporating them into their outdoor areas to divvy up garden beds, create staircases, or establish walkways. What’s even better, is that they are available in varying sizes, texture and colours to suit almost any design.


Here’s how:


Floating Away

Floating garden patios are perfect for unwinding and destressing after a long day, especially when they are surrounded by colourful plants or shaded by beautiful trees. For a more modern look we would suggest laying a smooth textured flagstone such as our Flamed Granite Flagstone Range, with sharper edges to give you a crisp clean look. For a more country or classical look, our Cotswold Flagstone Range would be the perfect choice with a subtle riven surface texture and soft edges. Whichever style you decide to choose, most of our flagstone ranges are available with a bullnose finish, so that your patio edges are beautifully detailed.

Flamed Granite Flagstone Range and Bullnoses

Walk with Nature

Encourage exploration with a garden pathway. Our Garden Sleepers, rich in wood texture and tone, can be used to add character to any outdoor space. What helps to draw you in, though, are delicate pops of colour in between each slate – this can be achieved with carefully chosen plants and flowers.


Easy Additions

Flagstones are the perfect choice for the paving of pool surrounds and fire pits and with the addition of bullnoses, overhanging edges are beautifully and safely finished. If you’re wanting to draw attention to these spaces, the addition of outdoor accessories is an easy yet effective way to create interest. When used correctly, accessories can highlight these features – think colourful outdoor scatter cushions, throws, pots and lanterns…the sky is truly the limit. Best of all accessories can be moved from one area of the home to another and are easily interchangeable, should you want to switch things up.


Pro Tips

If you’re looking to maintain a colourful garden our outdoor space all year round, it’s a good idea to consider evergreen perennials. They’ll provide a sense of vibrancy no matter the time of year! Whatever bold colour you choose- use lots of it. Repeat it around the garden or space in different shades and textures. When it comes to choosing pavers, however, make sure you consult the professionals. They’ll be able to advise you on the best option(s) suited to your outdoor space and surrounding plants.

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