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5 Ways Pavers and Cladding are a Match Made in Heaven

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It’s the month of love and so, the perfect opportunity to celebrate things that fit seamlessly together, to create something extraordinary.

Naturally, the occasion calls for us to recognize the special people in our lives, but equally as important is appreciating our homes that were no doubt built from love.

Speaking of things that were made for each other, these paver-cladding combos are a perfect match and all the inspiration you’ll need to update your living space this Valentine’s Day and all-year-round.

Pavers and Cladding

Match Made in Heaven

Cotswold Bullnose Range & Ridgestone Cladding
Ideal for a Fire Pit

If a warm and inviting fire pit is what you’re after – this pair is certainly up for the challenge. The Cotswold Bullnose Range boasts a natural sandstone look with a riven surface texture and soft rounded edges, perfect for housing the pit. Fieldstone Cladding then adds an extra aesthetic element thanks to a unique combination of varied textures and colours.

Wood Wave Bullnose Range & Desertstone Cladding
Ideal for the Poolside

 Nothing encourages togetherness quite like a swimming pool, so you’ll want to make sure it’s as visually appealing as it is functional. The Wood Wave Bullnose Range replicates the look and feel of real wood but without the maintenance and it’s slip-resistant. Desertstone Cladding offers a weathered surface texture perfect for outdoor use and adding a more modern touch to traditional décor.

Chateaux Flagstone Range & French Cladding
Ideal for Country & French Inspired Spaces

Decided to break away from the modern trend and build a home inspired by a more romantic and gentler time? Well, we have a match made in heaven for you… The Chateaux Flagstone Range elegantly replicates the look of old world flooring, with subtle surface indentations and gently worn edges. The French Cladding complements this range perfectly thanks to its charming country appeal and varying shapes, sizes and textures.

Flamed Granite Flagstone Range & Ledgestone Cladding
Ideal for Modern Patios

 Outdoor patios open your home up to encourage fresh air and to better connect you with nature. The Flamed Granite Flagstone Range with its sharply finished edges adds a modern touch to any living space and is suitable for use inside your home and out. Introduce Ledgestone Cladding to achieve a layered look full of character that’s sure to attract attention.

While these are just a few examples of combinations that complement one another, there’s so many more to be explored. Seek advice from a professional who will be able to steer you in the right direction and help you find your perfect match.

Photo Credit: The Friendly Plant

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