Upgrade your Property with An Outdoor Water Feature

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Turn your garden into a peaceful haven with a relaxing water feature
Upgrade your Property with An Outdoor Water Feature

Outdoor water features have the ability to turn an ordinary garden into a haven that excites all the senses. It’s no wonder then that private residences across the country are starting to introduce them into their living spaces.

Besides being a cost-effective way of upgrading your current home, water features also allow you to get creative with building materials. This proves beneficial for dividing up your lawn, establishing focal points, and creating a tranquil spot to sit and reflect.


Here are a few more ways this kind of outdoor décor adds to your landscape.


Create a Garden Nook

A water feature or fountain needn’t be a standalone addition. Instead, you can design it in a way that creates a home for flowerbeds and that establishes an outdoor seating area. The result? A serene garden nook that encourages time spent outdoors. To get this right, you’ll need to opt for products that provide both comfort and visual appeal. Flagstones, Bullnose and Cladding used correctly and with a touch of imagination can really transform a space.


Make an Entrance

Differentiate your home from others with a stand-out entrance that invites guests to step inside and explore. Water features make for a striking entryway, especially if combined with fountains and floating steps. Flamed Granite Flagstone and Bullnose pavers are the perfect combination for achieving this thanks to the intricate detail they bring to the overall design. They’re also suitable for internal and external use – great for ensuring consistency throughout your home – and their non-slip surfaces cater to heavy foot-traffic.


Introduce Casted Figures

Classical figures and statues are ideal for those looking to replicate the Medieval era. Even more so when paired with an extravagant water feature. Not only does it add charm to your landscape, but it also establishes a focal point that demands attention. Varied textures and shapes of your stones are important considerations here. Fieldstone Cladding is versatile and provides a beautiful soft finish and feel. Antique Chateaux Bullnose then exhibits an old-world look and includes semi-circular profiles that perfectly complement the cladding range.

Build a Pool Alternative


A water feature proves beneficial for those who may not have the space or budget for a pool. Whilst you may not be able to have a refreshing dip, they certainly can revitalize your other senses. For one, you are guaranteed calming sounds, cool breeze and a relaxing environment and two, you’re likely to attract a flock of different birds. Whether you are wanting to achieve a more modern or classical look, our Flamed Granite and Cotswold Flagstone Ranges would be a great staring point. Add some cladding to the sides of a water feature or a feature wall to complete the space.

While water features usually require very little maintenance, the construct and building materials chosen will be what ensures their durability. Seek advice on the type of feature best suited to your landscape, and to determine the products you’ll need to get the job done right.


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