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The Benefits of an Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

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There’s something hugely appealing about creating a space that can accommodate guests, yet still allow you room to breathe. It’s no wonder then that indoor-outdoor living is a growing design trend globally.

South African homeowners, in particular, have taken to the trend rather quickly – choosing to connect their homes to the outdoors and enjoying our great weather year-round.

The best part? It doesn’t require an expensive remodel – rather, a creative eye and the right materials. Here are a few more benefits of indoor-outdoor living:

More Usable Space

Connecting the interior of a home with the natural elements that surround it is a sure-fire way to expand your living space. Always dreamt of a bigger kitchen? Imagine a breakfast bar that extends onto the patio where you can easily interact with guests. Or, a dining room that can house tables, chairs and an indoor braai. Either way, you’ll be able to host more guests in one space, instead of in separate rooms.

So, before you start ripping up the ground – here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

First Impressions

A beautifully well thought out and designed driveway sets the tone for how you experience the home going forward and is a must-have if you want to increase the curb appeal of your home. Remember the age-old saying… “First impressions last”

Creative Freedom

Indoor-outdoor living also proves beneficial when it comes to recreating a holiday-like experience at home.

Whether extending your living space to include a pool or, a lounge area with deckchairs for tanning (and snoozing) – suddenly, it’s far more appealing staying at home than spending money on travel. Add big folding doors, leading from your lounge on to your patio and pool area and you’ve got the perfect setup all year round.

Health & Wellbeing

Another reason to adopt this living trend is the health benefits that come with it. In fact, buildings, even in urban areas, are looking to adopt a more natural look and feel because of it. Being outdoors can do wonders for us – both mentally, and physically. It can improve memory and lower blood pressure for starters and is known to help fight depression. Let’s not forget that dose of Vitamin D – essential for a well-functioning body.

An Investment Plan

When it comes to your home’s property value, indoor-outdoor living is an effective way to increase its value should you one day decide to sell. Open floor plans, natural light and well-kept gardens, multi-use outdoor spaces are big considerations for buyers looking for their forever home. Fortunately, this trend covers all that and, will make your home stand out among competitors.

So, before demolishing your house or paying thousands to remodel – consider the difference extending your home outdoors could make on both your pocket and your wellbeing.

  • Use of the space – There are numerous things to consider when designing a driveway, such as – accessibility, amount of paving actually required, additional guest parking, and landscaping.
  • Future-proofing – We recommend that all new and existing irrigation piping and any form of electrical wiring to be installed in sleeves. This makes it easier to repair or upgrade in the future without having to uplift the paving.

Protecting your investment

We encourage all our clients to have their paving professionally cleaned and sealed. Sealing will increase the life span of the product, protect against staining and makes cleaning that much easier

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