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Level Up to Give your Home Character and Depth

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Creating a secret space for your own enjoyment
Level Up to Give your Home Character and Depth


When updating our homes, décor and furniture often come first. Taking this approach makes total sense! Firstly, both instantly catch our eye, and secondly, the rest of your property is most likely already established, unless you are undertaking the feat of remodeling.

Irrespective of how much you’re looking to modify your living space; something to keep in mind, that’s sure to set your home apart from others, is establishing levels throughout.

Incorporating levels and introducing varying heights acts as a way to separate spaces within your home and highlight areas that deserve the most attention.


Here’s how you can get started:


Get rid of unnecessary walls

Removing interior and non-load-bearing walls, is an effective way to create more space inside your home, especially when it comes to split-level properties. Where there was once an upstairs section enclosed by walls, there is now an elevated area that seamlessly connects with the downstairs. Introducing an open staircase will extend your living space even more so and provide added natural light.


Implement creative staircase ideas

One of the biggest benefits of introducing varying heights to your interior, is that it leaves room for extravagant staircases which can be used as focal points. Intermediate levels also allow for more space and create a natural flow from one space to another. Take it up a notch with split-level staircases for homes with more than one floor to really open up your house.


Whether you are going for a more modern or a classical look, our Flamed Granite or Cotswold Bullnoses Ranges are perfect for detailing stairs and step downs.


Encourage indoor-outdoor living

A trend we’re beginning to see more of, as people spend extra time at home, indoor-outdoor living is ideal for those looking to connect with nature. Adding levels allows for an easy transition when, for example, extending your dining area onto your patio, or your living room into the garden. Applying the same flooring and wall paint between the two levels will also ensure consistency throughout.

A great paving option that is suitable for both your interior and exterior, is our Flamed Granite Flagstone Range which features a flamed surface texture and sharply finished edges.

Create additional storage space

When it comes to smaller homes, an effective way to create storage space is with raised floor levels. Consider elevating your bed to allow for storage underneath, or introduce a mezzanine level above an existing room to create an additional living room, bedroom, storage space or secret getaway. Many people have also adopted this approach in their garages to make room for camping gear, tools, and sporting equipment.

An accent wall alongside the new levels is a great way to connect the spaces. Our Ledgestone Cladding Range is a perfect way to add a whole lot of character to your space.


Define spaces in an open-plan home

An open-plan property presents the perfect opportunity to get creative with its design, acting as a blank canvas to create your perfect home. Whether it be an elevated dining area that enhances your view, or a raised living room that promotes openness while providing a sense of privacy, establishing levels to differentiate between these spaces is a great place to start.

Ready to start levelling up? We thought so! Before you start, however, be sure to work with a professionals who appreciates your vision, who can advise you on where to begin and support you from start to finish.

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