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Creative Fire Pit Designs & Paver Ideas for Winter

What better way to start warming up than by thawing out around your fire pit with friends and family?

As winter begins to make its presence known, what better way to start warming up than by thawing out around your fire pit with friends and family to enjoy the warmth and ambiance that it brings to your outdoor entertainment area? Why not take it a step further this season and elevate your fire-side experience by creating an eye-catching focal point with a mixture of flagstones, cobbles and cladding to take your design to the next level?


Let’s look at some creative fire pit designs and products to help you complete your outdoor look and add that finished, warm winter retreat touch!

  1. Raised Fire Pit

A raised fire pit, wrapped in cladding, effortlessly brings the elegance of any entertainment area to life. The intricate details and rich, textures of cladding add a sense of luxury and sophistication to any outdoor space, and there’s no need to stop there though! Complete the look by incorporating a design with complementing flagstones and matching bullnoses. Together, these products harmonise perfectly to create a welcoming atmosphere that entices and calls upon guests to gather around the fire pit mesmerising in it’s subtle glow.

  1. Sunken Fire Pit

For a dreamy sunken fire pit design will transport you to a realm of pure and utter bliss, there’s no better pairing than that of Creative Stone flagstones with matching bullnoses. Whether you leaning towards a more classic or contemporary look for your fire pit, you are sure to find the perfect paver to create a striking focal point that’s bound to leave a lasting impression. The right Creative Stone paver can elevate the overall appeal of your outdoor entertainment space and invite you and those you choose to share your space with, to indulge in those cosy moments during the upcoming, unavoidable winter months.

Working with our team, we can help you ensure that your Sunken Fire pit has all the right drainage to ensure it not only looks beautiful but functions beautifully too.

3. Square Fire Pit

Embrace the ultimate modern-day vibe where straight lines and angles are the order of the day. These sleek and minimalist fire pit designs often combine the perfect contemporary combination of polished concrete, crushed granite aggregate and of course, the flamed texture of our Flamed Granite Flagstone & Bullnose Range. Execution is key with these minimalist marvels, as sharp edges, clean lines and hard angles are softened by soft furnishings and planting.

4. Circular Fire Pit

While pavers have the power to stand alone, their full potential is realised when combined. When crafting a captivating circular fire pit, let your imagination soar with the delightful combination of Cotswold Bullnoses, Classic Herringbones, Classic Circular Flagstones, and Ledgestone Cladding. This mix of products brings limitless depth and texture to any fire pit design, and transforms your outdoor space into a haven of comfort, seclusion, and warmth.

Whether raised, sunken, square or circular, unlock the true potential of your outdoor area with a fire pit design that complements you and your home. With the right design and a selection of carefully considered products, these elements can create a beautiful space that beckons you outdoors, even when the leaves and temperature start to fall.

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