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Enjoy Cosy Nights Under the Stars

Winter is coming and we love nothing better than being outside having a braai or sitting around a fire pit as South Africans.

For many the fireplace has always been a centrepiece of their home, the place where everyone gathers as the winter sun sets.


More recently, however, people have started trading the indoor fireplace for the outdoor firepit and for good reason. There’s nothing better than being serenaded by a choir of nocturnal creatures and a crackling fire; its open flames lighting up the night sky, inviting you to roast marshmallows or snuggle up under the stars.

In addition to adding light, warmth, and ambience, a firepit will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

Here are some key considerations for selecting the right firepit for your space.


The size of your outdoor space is an important factor and will impact the style and size of your firepit. You also need to consider what surrounds your firepit – the structures, items stored outside, and materials of outdoor furniture could all be potential safety hazards.


Depending on where you live (a nature estate, a complex or an apartment) there may be some by-laws in place with regulations around whether you can have a firepit, the size of the firepit, what fuel sources you can use and spacing requirements for fire safety. Be sure to research and understand these laws to save you time, money and spare you from the wrath of angry neighbours.

Fuel Source

There is something magical about a wood-burning fire, but they require more effort to get started, maintenance to keep the flames going and they can get messy. Gas firepits are easy to maintain and can be turned on/off at the flip of the switch. Electric firepits are also an option, but they aren’t as warm & inviting – and load-shedding may leave you out in the cold.


Selecting the right materials for the construction of your firepit is crucial not only for safety reasons but also to ensure your firepit lives in harmony with the rest of your home. Be sure to select materials that are designed to withstand both the heat and the elements, such as Creative Stone’s range of pavers and cladding.

Creative Stone’s range of pavers and cobblestones are a popular choice for floor fire pits. Available in various styles, sizes, shapes, and colours, they allow you to create a unique and personalised fire pit that complements your outdoor space. Bullnosed pavers are also an excellent option for detailing overhanging edges, seat tops as well the tops of raised fire pit walls.

Cladding is a great way of adding that extra finishing touch to the vertical sides of seats and the fire pit itself. We like to take our fire pit designs to the next level and often included LED strip lighting, which is hidden in recessed channels on the underside of bullnoses, providing an inviting glow to the space.

Whether you’re looking to make the most of the long winter nights, enjoy year-round braai-ing or you want to create the ultimate gathering spot for friends and family, contact Creative Stone and let us light your fire.

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