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5 Ways Driveway Pavers Can Enhance Your Curb Appeal

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5 Ways Driveway Pavers Can Enhance Your Curb Appeal

Create a great first impression with Creative Stone Pavers

Not only do driveways add to your property value, but they are also responsible for creating the first impression. For some, they’re an afterthought, but for many homeowners, landscapers, architects and builders, the amount of consideration, time and effort put into establishing driveways has increased, as they are the element that sets the tone for what’s still to come.

A beautifully contrasted entryway often adds huge amounts of ‘curb appeal’. With estate living becoming ever popular, the need for high walls is less of a necessity and often frowned upon. This makes the entryway of a home far more visible and, therefore, important when it comes to getting that curb appeal right.

The attention we often give to the rest of our homes should extend to what lies on the outside.

Creative Stone offers many paver options to choose from to increase the visual appeal of your home’s exterior, as well as the design expertise to elevate your home’s entryway.

Incorporating the right pavers can elevate the outside of your abode in many ways, here are just a few:

  1. Modernising your Exterior

Modern home designs normally emphasise straight lines, simple shapes, and refined textures. Pavers allow you to achieve all three in one fell swoop. Take our Flamed Granite Flagstone Range, for example. A flamed surface texture and sharply finished edges make it ideal for modern architectural styles and allow driveways to be crisply detailed

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  1. Adding Character with Patterns

Mixing and matching pavers allow you to create a unique space that will be close to impossible to mimic. Whether to revive a family heirloom, establish a dramatic focal point, or follow a particular theme – by combining various cobbles, and flagstones, you can achieve these results, and most likely, much more! All it takes is a little creativity and a trusted supplier

  1. Highlighting Focal Points

The beauty of cobble pavers is their ease of installation and that when selecting the right ones, the design possibilities are endless. Looking to turn an established tree into a statement piece? Consider combining our Castellana and Classic Cobbles to achieve a refined and polished border in natural and earthy tones that complement a variety of landscapes and architectural structures.

  1. Elevating Your Entryway

The window to your personal style and a snapshot of the life within. Instead of forgetting about your home’s entryway, invest a little effort and make a fab first impression. While we’re on the topic of highlighting; height in an entryway is a great way to create interest and visual appeal. Think of planter boxes wrapped in beautiful cladding and topped with sculpted bullnoses for that finishing touch. Planter boxes can also be invaluable when it comes to retaining soil on steeper properties, beauty and practicality…a winning combination.


  1. Creating a Sense of Vastness

Nothing says luxury and sophistication quite like the seamless and cohesive integration of a chosen style. One of the best ways to achieve this is by selecting pavers that act as an extension of your home. In doing so, you also elevate your driveway, creating a sense of vastness. Design the grand outdoor entrance that your home deserves with our Classic Cobble Range.

When selecting pavers for your driveway, be sure to choose products that have been specifically designed to withstand the elements, foot traffic and heavy vehicles. Opting for low-maintenance pavers that are long-lasting and hard-wearing ensure that the outside of your home endures a life as long as the home that’s positioned behind it.

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