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Driveways – Where Form Meets Function

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Driveways - Where Form Meets Function

Good driveway ideas create a memorable first impression

For years, driveways have not exactly been known for their good looks, but since they’re often at the front of the house, it’s worth thinking about design ideas that are both practical and beautiful. Good driveway ideas create a memorable first impression, so it’s well worth investing time and money in getting them right.

When you are designing or re-doing your driveway, it is important to take into consideration the size of your property, the shape that will work best, and the products that you want to use (these are all aspects of design that the Creative Stone team can assist with if you are feeling overwhelmed).

Over the years, the Creative Stone team has been lucky enough to work on some real showstoppers that will have your visitors “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” as they drive through the gates.

We’ve put together a few design ideas and industry tips, that you can put into action to get your home looking its best.


  • Driveways serve two main functions, and both are of great importance. The first is an area that allows practical movement from the road to the home for your guests and yourself and the second is an inviting space that makes one feel welcome. Finding the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetically pleasing can be challenging. While wall-to-wall paving might be practical it certainly won’t be winning any beauty prizes.
  • When setting out the space, it’s necessary to look at how best to access the garages and entrance of the property. It does after all need to serve a functional purpose and in the case of a driveway practically trumps aesthetics…unfortunately.
  • Taking into consideration the architectural style of the home or building is a must and will make the design of the space that much easier. It will also guide you in terms of your product selection and colour choices.
  • Creating that all-important curb appeal should be high on the priority list. This can be achieved by introducing features such as flower beds, raised planter boxes and feature planted pots. Greening of space will greatly soften the harshness of the required paved areas and the fragrance comes as a bonus.
  • When it comes to the entrance of the property, we like to think of these areas as major focal points and special attention should be given to these areas. Large format-spaced steppingstones have become a very popular way of creating a dramatic entrance. Softened with some strategic planting or textural dump rock, throw in some stunning pots or a water feature and you will have many a passer-by stopping in envy.
  • On a less glamorous note, it’s important to remember to plan for all the various services that occur in a driveway area. These can range from electrical cabling, gas lines, plumbing, internet fibre lines and irrigation. Where possible most services should be run in a conduit which allows for easy replacement and repairs to be done.

At Creative Stone, you’ll find plenty of inspiration with our extensive range of products that have been specifically designed to withstand the elements and daily use of the driveway area. Low maintenance, long-lasting, and hard-wearing, our products are available in a range of colours and styles that compliment your overall design style and elevate your driveway to an elegant, welcoming, eye-catching feature.

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