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Create an Outdoor Oasis

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Our ideas for the best-looking garden, no matter the season

Gardens have become our sanctuary, our escape for some ‘me time’, our favourite exercise spot and entertainment space. We’ve started implementing more colours in an effort to brighten a seemingly dull world, and unleashed our creativity by introducing unique garden features.

The result? A new wave of landscape trends begging to be implemented in 2021.

Anyone with a love for the outdoors will agree that given enough space, gardens are a must-have, and deserve as much attention as the rest of your home.

In fact, you don’t have to be an avid landscaper to appreciate that a garden should be a multi-functional space that the whole family can enjoy. With that in mind, you’ll want to create an outdoor area that can be enjoyed all year round and not only in the warmer months.

Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your garden space with creative planning, a mix of natural materials and all the comforts of inside, outside.

Go Green

Plants can enhance your outdoor living space in a variety of ways.

Whether it’s just a few potted plants or several raised garden beds, adding plants and herbs to your garden is one of the easiest and best ways to decorate and personalize your outdoor space.

The use of raised planter boxes wrapped in our Ridgestone cladding is the perfect way to house greenery whilst creating an attractive and intimate garden area.

The key is to choose plants that adapt well to the environment in which you live. Mix natives with trees, shrubs, vines, and perennials that are adapted to the climate.

Image 1 for | The Creative Stone

Project by The Friendly Plant

Outdoor Seating

Encourage spending time outside, by incorporating a comfortable and conversational area. Outdoor furniture is a big factor in maintaining visual appeal, so it’s important that whatever you choose is both stylish and comfortable.

Pavers are a great solution, as they provide sturdy built-in seating that can be made cozy by covering in comfortable cushions and the layering of pillows.

Combine our Fieldstone Cladding with our Cotswold Bullnose Range, to achieve country style architecture, where unwinding is the order of the day.

Image 3 for | The Creative Stone

Project by Designer Roots Landscaping

Subtle Lighting

Bring on the night. During the day, your garden will sing all on its own, but at night it may need some help to highlight its best features. Soft, warm lighting will lure you and guests outdoors and keep you there for as long as you desire.

Ground-level lights are ideal for creating romantic silhouettes while overhead lights can be wrapped in between trees to create a more homely atmosphere. We also love the idea of using lanterns or string lights to add ambiance and illuminate garden paths.

Landscaping Accessories

Nothing adds intricate details and a finishing touch to an outdoor area quite like garden accessories. Not only do they work to highlight pops of colour, but they come with practical benefits too.

Take our Garden Edging, for example. While it provides a beautifully defined edge between a flowerbed and lawn, it also prevents the line or shape of the bed from changing its intended design. Another is our Flamed Granite Kerbstones that provide an eye-catching flamed textured alternative to that of unsightly pavement kerbs.

Interesting Applications

Want to make your outdoor space truly enjoyable and comfortable?

A sure-fire way (excuse the pun) to ensure the appeal of your garden all year round is with a warm and inviting fire pit. Ideal for summer days when evenings call for good food and even better company, and perfect for cooler winter nights when cozying up and roasting S’mores are the order of the day.

Our Flamed Granite Flagstone Range with sharply finished edges is the best option for those looking to establish a more modern-day pit. Matching bullnoses then work to ensure crisply detailed square finishes.

Ready for a night under the stars?

Landscaping is no small feat and while there are certain elements you can do yourself, it’s best to enlist professional help from a landscape designer.

Start planning. Look at plants and flowers you’d like to include and create mood boards with lighting, pathways, pools, fire pits, and other structural elements you believe could work.

With so much time spent at home nowadays, there is no better time to get creative with your outdoor space!

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