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Cobblestone Driveways are Having a Moment… Here’s Why!

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We all know first impressions are lasting impressions and when it comes to your home, your driveway takes center stage in setting the expectation of what’s to come.

A beautifully paved driveway not only sets the tone for the rest of your home, it adds to the curb appeal, increases the value of your home, and gives you those -important bragging rights!

While there are several paving materials to choose from, some have proved more popular than others. Our top pick? Cobblestone.


Here a few reasons why.

Product & Installation Cost

Cobblestones prove beneficial when it comes to saving money thanks to its more cost-effective installation process. While flagstone pavers require specialized and costly surface preparation/base, cobblestone pavers require only a well-compacted base and river sand for their installation.


One of the greatest benefits of cobblestone paving is that you get to choose from a wide range of styles, sizes, and colours to suit any type of home. For modern homes Flamed Granite would be our first choice, Classic Cobble for the more traditional or classic styled home and Castellana Cobble for that urban farmhouse look. Combining ranges is also a possibility, which done correctly, can create a unique and bespoke look. Cobblestone pavers are also great for garden bed edging and detailing the sides stepping stone pathways.


In general, cobblestones are much faster and easier to install due to their river sand base installation process. This means that in the unlikely event that one lonely cobblestone sneed replacing, getting it done is a quick and painless process.

 Investment Protection

Remember that cement-based products are generally porous and should be sealed to help prevent staining. The added benefit of sealing is that it also increases the life span of the pavers as well as making them easier to clean.

 Now that you know the benefits that come with cobblestone paving, the next step is hiring a reputable contractor to get the job done right. After that, it’s all about making an entrance.

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