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Design the Perfect Secret Garden with Creative Stone

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Creating a secret space for your own enjoyment
Add Interest to your Landscape with Colour and Height


Be it a dose of Vitamin D, much-needed fresh air, or time away from the hustle, there are so many advantages to spending time outdoors. Not to mention the unbeatable sensation of grass, heavy with dew, beneath your toes. Investing as much time in perfecting your landscape has, understandably, become as important as refining your interior.

Enter multi-level gardens! A trend that many people have adopted as they spend more time at home. This design style adds significant visual appeal, and can increase the value of your property, but mostly presents us with an opportunity to get creative with our landscape.


Here are a few considerations to get you started:


Terracing and level changes

Creating different levels is a relatively easy affair. Not only does it create more useable space, it also has the added benefit of differentiating areas within a single space. These spaces can be perfect for garden patios, fire pits, secluded gardens and even pools. Imagine beautifully cladded retaining walls with built in planter boxes, water features and staircases that draw ones eye and leads you to the next exciting space.

We have a wide selection of Cladding and Bullnose Ranges to suit most styles of architecture and to ensure your space is beautifully detailed and finished.

Build an above-ground pool

A sure-fire way to ensure your pool gets the attention it deserves, is by turning it into a focal point. Elevated swimming pools ensure just that and can be a less-expensive alternative to in-ground pools. Above-ground pools promise a great view of the garden and encourage time spent outdoors. When it comes to paving around swimming pools, you’ll want a non-slip surface that promises durability; our Flamed Granite Flagstone Range offers both. Why not also add a poolside fountain or a water feature to establish more levels and give the overall establishment a spa-like look and feel?


Define cooking/eating areas

Introducing levels to your outdoor area enables you to create dedicated sections for cooking and dining spots under the African sky. Imagine a lower-level braai section that encourages intimacy, or one slightly above ground that allows everyone to bask in its tantalising smells, or one that allows you to chase views or incorporate more privacy in your dining areas.

Our Woodwave Flagstone Range is a great choice for outdoor entertainment areas as it mimics a timber floor look but without the maintenance of real wood.

Build a sunken fire pit

While we are on the topic of cooking and entertainment, fire pits add a whole lot of ambience to outdoor areas, encouraging socialising, and can be used as a cooking tool. A sunken fire pit is particularly appealing as it can include a cosy built-in seating area or bench. This kind of multi-level fire pit adds visual warmth to your landscape and becomes a feature that demands attention.

Our Classic Circular Flagstone Range affords great creativity when it comes to the design of a fire pit and are available in a wide range of colour tones to beautifully complement the outdoors.


Create height with flower beds and boxes

Now, what better way to round off your newly designed garden than with a necessary pop of colour and height? Adding either plants, flowers, or both proves effective when it comes to establishing varying heights within your flower beds. Raised flower boxes are another way to establish height and can be left as raw brick-work, plastered and painted or finished with Cladding and/or a Bullnose Paver to top of the boxes.

Our Garden Edgings are designed to provide a defined edge or separation between a flower bed and lawn or pathway. What makes them even more appealing is the functionality they provide.

We’re ready when you are!


Image Credit: The Friendly Plant

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