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An Accent Wall for All Personality Types

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Accent walls are a great way to update your space in 2021

An Accent Wall for All Personality Types

When it comes to adding colour, patterns and character to your living space, an accent wall is the way to go. Whether used indoors to liven up an otherwise ordinary area or as an outdoor feature that suggests strength and stability; we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to their design, which is why it’s often tricky to decide on the best route to go.


Often, our personalities influence decision-making, especially when it comes to the design of our homes. Deciding on an accent wall is no exception. So, we’ve highlighted five key personality types and have accompanied each with a recommendation to get you started.




Extroverts are often considered loud and proud. They feed off the energy of others, enjoy socialising, are action-oriented and super friendly. This type of personality trait, therefore, deserves an attention-seeking accent wall that’s both vibrant and assertive. Our Ledgestone Cladding range is for the perfect match this thanks to its textured appearance and variety of colour. It’s guaranteed to bring visual appeal and character to your home.




Introverts are known for their thoughtfulness, passivity and ability to thrive on their own. They prefer to fly under the radar and address one task at a time. A subtle accent wall that complements the overall surrounding of a living space is, therefore, perfect for those with this type of personality. Wood Wave Cladding is a great choice as it’s designed to create an organic and multifaced texture that’s striking yet unassuming.




As the name suggests, thinkers are highly logical and objective, as well as flexible and tolerant. An accent wall that suggests strength and durability is then a good way to go. The Tundrastone Cladding range offers a riven, block appearance that allows for a multitude of configurations for a beautifully modern look. It’s also perfect for exterior use whether for grand entrances, pillar-like structures, or to complement an outdoor area.




On the opposite side of the spectrum are the feelers. Those with this type of personality trait are more emotional and sensitive to conflict. They focus foremost on the meaning of certain situations and are known to nurture important relationships. A warm and inviting accent wall is best suited to this trait and our River Rock range promises just that. Crisp white and soft mixed grey colours combine to exhibit a pleasing appearance that’s perfect for creating an outdoor nook to entertain friends and family.




Intuitives prefer to focus on the bigger picture, seek creative ways to solve problems, and can easily pick up on day-to-day trends and patterns. They’re also known to exercise their imaginations as they seek new ideas and possibilities and so certainly require an accent wall that exhibits the same. Our French Cladding – with and without Fieldstone incorporates three or two different cladding ranges and is installed with over grouted joints that give this range a hand pack stone wall look. This versatility means that you can get really creative with both its design and where it’s established.

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