Garden Edging

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Garden Edging

Our Classic Cobble 100 x 100 & Flamed Granite 110 x 110 cobble ranges make for great garden edging. They are versatile & easy to use. As the cobbles are small in size, this makes them able to very easily maneuver around angles & curves in the garden.  Available in a variety of colours, our cobble ranges make for a fantastic addition to all gardens great & small.

Slanted Garden Edging

Creative Stone’s Slanted Cobble Edging range consists of 130 x 130 cobbles that have been cast at an angle in order to better assist with keeping the soil & grass in place. There are different cobbles within the range such as the Slanted Cobble with a space for a solar light, inner & outer corners as well as 130 x 130 flat cobbles & flat cobbles with spaces for solar lights.

(Solar Lights purchased separately)

Castellana Garden Edging

Our Castellana cobble range brings a rustic feel back to garden edging. With 25 varied sizes within the range, this make the Castellana very suitable for use in gardens with a lot of curves & bends. This range can be supplied in an assortment of colours.

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