Classic – Flagstone

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The Classic Range comprises six sizes of flagstone, allowing for the creation of very attractive random flagstone designs. These applications include flagstone driveways, courtyards, rustic pools and patios.

Benefits of Flagstones
Product Description and SizeThicknessStones/ Sqm Weight per Stone (Kg)Weight per Sqm (Kg)
Classic 300x15020/40mm22.22
Classic 300x30020/40mm11.11
Classic 300X45020/40mm7.415.63/11.2683.40
Classic 300x60020/40mm5.567.5/1583.40
Classic 450X45020/40mm4.948.45/16.8983.40
Classic 450x60040mm3.7022.5483.40
Classic 600x60040mm2.783083.40
Classic 750x75050mm1.7857101.46

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